Pre-Enrolment Portal

Welcome to the Resident Pre-Enrolment Portal. You can apply online for an Aadhaar Number.
For this, you need to fill up the Pre-enrolment form online and complete the verification steps.
Thereafter you would need to visit an enrolment center to provide your bio-metrics to complete your enrolment.

Pre-Enrol for Aadhaar Number

Web based pre-enrolment pilot has been started by the Unique Authentication Authority of India (UIDAI) with the objective of enabling residents to register themselves online with UIDAI in order to get an Aadhaar number.

While a visit to the enrolment center is necessary to complete the enrolment, this facility is to enable the resident to provide the basic demographic data relating to himself/ herself through this portal so that the time for actual enrolment will be limited to providing the biometrics only.

Please use the facility to pre-enrol!! Also provide your feed-back and suggestions so that we can make suitable improvements in the portal and the services.

It is essential that you visit an enrolment center after this to provide your bio-metrics and complete the process of enrollment to get an Aadhaar number.
Pre-Enrolment will reduce the time you'll spend at an enrolment centre.